Sunday, 26 October 2008

Beanie's Trip to London.......Day Four

On Thursday 23rd, we found that the Earl's Court hostel is self catering only and don't serve breakfast. Andrea said not to worry, there's a nice cafe down the road, so we went there for breakfast. Andrea made sure I got my chocolate bread again!!!

Then we packed up and went back to Victoria Station to get the train home. I wrote some more in my New Novel.

Oh, we're off now. Bye bye London.... I've had a wonderful week this week!
It's been magical!

When we got home, Andrea had another birthday surprise for me. She said that because we were so stuffed after my Birthday Tea, and couldn't finish the last slice of cake, she wrapped it up in a napkin and brought it home with her for me to eat today!! And she gave me a lovely bellydance headscarf for me to wiggle in later!!
We also found that one of the Japanese ladies we met in Paris had written us a postcard too! How did she know it was my birthday??!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Beanie's Trip to London.... Day Three

On Thursday 22nd, we got up for breakfast again. Andrea said it would be our last breakfast at the Manor because we had to vacate it back to the real Lord. Shame.

Later, we checked in at Earl's Court Youth Hostel. An Earl's bigger than a Lord, right??!

Hurry with the bags, Jeeves. Places to go and people to be....!!

After we checked in, Andrea took me on the subway to South Kensington. We saw another busker on the way, playing a Saxophone. Some like it hot, I guess....

Oh, are we going to a Museum?? Which one??

Wow, what a fabulous building!! Andrea says that's the Natural History Museum!

Oh wow! They have a special carved muriel of my family!! Oh, that's made me feel really welcome!! This is a special place for mice!!

Ooh, what a lovely entrance! It must be very popular here, there's lots of visitors.

And they have special animal-style Beanie seats inside too!! How brilliant!!

Coo, there's fossilised dinosaur bones. What's a dinosaur??

Oh @*&$^ it's alive!! LET'S RUN!!!!

That was close....! At least this one's properly fossilised.

There's a whale. It's the biggest mammal on earth.

And that's a whale's skeleton. Wouldn't it be fun to hang one of my wonderful cards on there? I'm too small to reach way up there, though.

This is a donkey. Can we take him home? He looks so sweet and friendly!!

I met a fuzzysaurus!! These guys are fun!

Later, we went into the shop and saw this huge amethyst.
isn't it glorious?

Wow!! They had slices of pink stones!!

And blue ones too!!
I think we should do some Very Important Shopping here for my Beanie boxes!

Afterwards, we went out for coffee. It was served in the Parisian style, in bowls instead of cups. Andrea says that when it's a really cold winter day, having coffee in bowls means you can warm your fingers and hands up on the bowl!!

After lunch, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, nearby. Wow! That's another spectacular entrance!

Andrea says that this chandalier was made by a chap called Dale Chihuly, a glass sculptor who lives in America. Each one of those glass bits was individually blown and then it was all put together. Isn't it fabulous!

Then we walked through China. That's Chinese calligraphy up there.
Wonder what it says??

Then we went into Japan and saw some Japanese calligraphy written by a master Calligrapher.
Andrea says this is written in the cursive style which means it's wiggly and "joined up".

This one has a picture of Mount Fuji on it, which is a mountain in Japan.

He used a very big brush to do this one!

Afterwards we went into the shop and looked at the gorgeous Christmas decorations!

Oh look at these pottery buttons!! These would fit perfectly in my Beanie boxes!!

Oh, they have woodblocks here too, for printing!! Can we get some of these too??

After all that excitement, we went to St James' Park to relax in quieter surroundings.
They have Beanie seats here too!

And they have outdoor bathtubs too. They're not very clean though, I think people have been pee-ing in them.
(And I thought the French were weird.....)

We were even greeted by some Geese!! How nice of them to welcome us to the park!

Good afternoon Mr Goose!! I'm really pleased to meet you!!
I didn't know I was coming today, otherwise I'd have told Jeeves the Butler to bring some bread with us.

As we crossed over the bridge over the lake, we could see Buckingham Palace, where Queenie lives. The flag is up, so she's in, but I don't think we'll bother going to see her. Traveler told me all about her, and she's not very social.

In the other direction, we could see Whitehall Palace.

Oh, there's the Millenium Eye as well!

Ah, let's relax in a deckchair!
Pass the Bollie, darling!

After a nice little snooze, we wandered back to the subway. We passed a marker for Princess Diana's memorial walk. What a perfect place to take a walk and remember her!

Back at Earl's Court, we bagged our bed. We got a bottom bunk again!!

Oh, and they have a pretty little internal courtyard too!!

For dinner, Andrea took me to a Chinese restaurant called Dragon's Palace on Earl's Court Road. We had sweet and sour King Prawns and egg fried rice. Andrea tried showing me how to use chopsticks, but ended up throwing the rice all over the table!!! I laughed so hard I fell over and wet myself squeaking!!!
(Ed's note: Beanie made me use a fork afterwards!!!)

We had lychee's for pudding. They were delicious!

Back at the hostel, I did a bit more writing of my New Novel. I made sure Traveler is in this one!

Ah, what a lovely day! Wake me in the morning, Jeeves....

Friday, 24 October 2008

Beanie's Trip to London.... Day Two

On Tuesday 21st October, we got up early and had muesli for breakfast. Where are we going today??!

Well, first we had a stroll in Holland Park. They have summer concerts here..... what a brilliant place to have concerts!

Oh, they even had a special Beanie seat! How sweet of them!

Andrea took me on the Underground and we went to a place called "Harrods".

Wow!! What a fabulous window setting!! Can I sit in there and eat those chocolates??

We went in and met Oscar Bear. What??! Traveler's here?? Is he? Where??

Then we met Paddington Bear. Traveler went to get something to eat? Did he? Let's go!

Oh! We're back in Egypt!! Have you seen Traveler?

This is in the Food Hall.... wow! Look at those peacocks!!!

Coo.... what wonderful wall tiles.....

Oh, Andrea's taking me upstairs!! But we haven't found Traveler yet, he must be in the Food Hall somewhere, Paddington said he was hungry....!

Oh!! Meet Prince Curtis?? Who's Prince Curtis?? Andrea says he works with Traveler - we might meet Traveler round here somewhere.

Coo, there's lots of people waiting to meet The Prince, and it's only 10 o'clock!! We were number 25 in line. Will we have to wait long?

Oh!! Something's happening!! Everyone's getting excited now! Is Traveler about to arrive??

What's that noise?? Oh, Andrea said it was a Bagpiper.... is that the sticky-uppy thing we can see? Oh - Andrea says it's Prince Curtis doing a "Making An Entrance". He's very good at that, isn't he?

There's Prince Curtis!! Andrea says he's a very talented artist that used to work in a forest called Holly Wood in America. We have something in common then, if he paints as well! Oh, are we going to meet him then?? How fab is that?!

OH!!! IT'S TRAVELER'S MANAGER!!!! Wait!!! Over here!!!

I got my picture taken with Traveler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traveler told me all about his Horse Ranch, called Shiloh!! He said he has a Burro there called Salsa who makes tents out of tarpaulins and takes the trash out of bags. He sounds like a very clever Burro!!
Traveler also said that they're looking for more glass beads to decorate horse shoes with, to sell to raise money for Shiloh, so I said that I'd tell all my friends to look out for some and send them to him - then he can make more shoes to raise more money for all those wonderful horses he looks after.
(Ed's note: Shiloh's website is listed under "Finders blogs" on the right. If you wish to make a donation or a purchase of decorated horseshoes, or even send a little box of beads to them, go check out their site! Thanks!)
Then we took a "Elevator" back downstairs.... Wow! Wasn't that exciting!!
I met Traveler!!

After that, me, Andrea and a very nice Scottish girl called Lorraine all went out for a drink. It's thirsty work being a fan!!

We went out for a walk and met a sheep! I didn't know they kept sheep in London!

We also saw a very pretty church down the road too. I started to get hungry and Andrea said we were going back into Harrods for A Special Surprise.

Are we going to have Macarons again??!

OH!! Andrea ordered us Afternoon Tea, with lots of fabulous goodies to eat!!
We started off with Smoked Salmon Sandwiches and Cheese Sandwiches.

They even gave us some chocolate bread!!! I love chocolate bread!!!
Andrea ate the croissant because she knows chocolate bread is my favourite!

There's more!!?! Oh.... there's a cake! Is it somebody's birthday? Who did we forget this time?

What? It's MY birthday?? Really?!?!
This is a Birthday Cake for me??!
Andrea sang me Happy Birthday and said that meeting Traveler was my present!!!
How brilliant is that?! I've never had a Birthday before!!!
Back at The Manor. I've had such a wonderful day today!
All my dreams came true!!

And Andrea got Prince Curtis's autograph in his book too!!
She said she's really happy as well!

Later on, I did some more writing in my New Novel. I'm on Chapter Two now.

Later, we went out to Byron's Restaurant down the road and we had a Cheeseburger.
It was YUMMY!!!

I'm totally whooped now. Wake me in the morning!