Sunday, 31 January 2010


Since I have two of those wheelie things, and only two people yelled that they'd like to have one, the winners are Hammie and Sullivan!!!!!!!

I will mail them out to you this week..... it helps if you have a metal straight edge (ruler) to push the wheelie thing against, so you get the holes in a straight line. But then you could always make stamps that have wobbley edges!!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Artistamps and a Giveaway!!

Recently we got A Package in the mail!! I wonder what's in it???!

Andrea let me open it.....

Oh!! Tracing Wheel? What do we use these for then??

OH!! First we got some Rubber Stamps out (I like playing with those!!) and some white paper and stamped some stamps. Then we took the tracing wheel, and made Things called Perforations in between each stamp!!

After that, we could tear out each rubber stamp just like a proper postage stamp!!!
We made Artistamps!!!

Then we made a starfish stamp...!

Then, we smeared some pink poster paint over the paper with a damp sponge, and when it dried, we made some butterfly stamps!!

We used blue watercolour paint on another piece of paper, and made some shell stamps!!

And then we used some yellow paint, and made a Loveheart stamp with a different coloured inkpad!!!
Oh this is fun! I want to do more of these!!

Anyway, the website that Andrea got the Tracing Wheel on had a thing called Minimum Order, so she got two extra Wheels.
We decided it would be fun to have a Free Give Away. So any of my reader friends who'd like to have a go at making Artistamps and would like a Wheel, please say so in a comment.
I'll have a Big Prize Draw on Sunday and announce the Winner at the beginning of next week!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Vinyl 16 LOST

Broken vinyl 45 rpm record rescued from the street, gesso'd and acrylic painted, glass pebble, fish charm, green ribbon
Lost in Hove on 7th February 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Vinyl 15 LOST

vinyl 45 rpm record, gesso'd and acrylic painted, glass pebble, seahorse charm, pink ribbon
Lost in Hove on 7th February 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Greeting Card 96 LOST

Card made with bus ticket, playing card, decorative paper

Envelope origami'd out of decorative paper, faux postage stamps, rubber stamps

Lost in the post on 3rd April 2010. Let me know where/when it arrives

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Artist book 154 LOST

front cover, faux postage, rubber stamps

Pages 1 & 2, parking ticket, stickers, brads, american packing tape

Pages 3 & 4, American packing tape, decorative papers, stickers

Pages 5 & 6, decorative papers, UK bus ticket, stickers, parking ticket

Back cover, parking ticket, decorative papers, stickers

Lost in the post on 12th March 2010. Let me know where it turns up!

Postcard 229 FOUND

Made out of decorative papers

Lost in the post on 5th March 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Posted here

Tag 95 LOST

Made with decorative papers, green ribbon

To be lost in Lille between 23 and 25 February 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Artists book 153 FOUND!!!

Front cover, faux postage, rubber stamps

Pages 1 & 2, bus ticket, decorative papers, UK shop receipt, rubber stamps.

Pages 3 & 4, decorative papers, shop price tag, rubber stamps, brads, stickers

Pages 5 & 6, UK shop receipts, decorative papers, parking ticket, star brad

Back page, UK shop receipt, tomato tag.

Lost in the post on 12th March 2010. Let me know where it turns up!

Another go at Taboulleh!

A couple of weeks ago, we had another try at making taboulleh. This time, we decided to use two cups of the bulgher wheat, and simmer it in vegetable stock (we used Oxo cubes) for 15 minutes

While the water was heating up, I helped chop up the six vine tomatoes.

Ah, the water's hot now. Let's dissolve the vegetable Oxo cubes and then put the Bulgher wheat in. We went back to chopping up the tomatoes, and then, a few minutes later we looked back at the wheat and it was about to do a volcano over the side of the pan!!! OH NO!!!
We quickly took the pan off the heat - but the bulgher wheat hadn't simmered for long enough, so we had to transfer it to a bigger pan!!

OK, so let's put the bigger pan on the heat to simmer...... phew!

Then, we went to chop up some Spring Onions. Andrea got these by mistake - she thought it had spring onions in, but when she checked the recipe later, it said Chives (which is not the same as spring onions!!) But we put these in anyway because I like chopping!!!
When the bulgher wheat stopped simmering, we drained it.

And put it in the big bowl.

And mixed it up with the other things in the bowl!!

Then we chopped Dill up.
And put that in the bowl!!!
Andrea said she bought parsley, corriander and mint

Oh, I wonder if this is corriander?? I've never seen corriander before....

Well, let's put it in!!

Oh, this is mint!! I've seen mint before!!! Choppey choppey!!

Mix that all in.....!

And the red onion! This one isn't brown and gooey in the middle like the last one...!

And we mix that all in too.

And the parsley! Choppey choppey!

And mix it all in!!

And finally, the juice of one and a half lemons, and some olive oil too!

And a bit of salt and pepper, mix it all in and put it in the fridge!


Saturday, 23 January 2010

I got a New Van!!

I got another letter from Cascadia in See Attle!! And it's addressed to ME!!
I love getting mail addressed to Me!!!
OH!! It's a "make it yourself" delivery truck! How exciting!!

And it's a recipe for cooking!! Cascadia wrote a funny message on the top! This recipe has cheese in it as well, though, and I know I love cheese, so I'll try and get Andrea to help me cook it anyway. We need to get a Dutch oven though.... but our oven is English!! Oh dear....

Anyway, Andrea helped me make my delivery van! She glued the flaps together for me and now it looks like the van in the picture!!

I now have three cars!! A Delivery Van, a Sports car and a Convertible!!!
How fab is that?!?!