Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Greeting Card 126A LOST

Made with decorated papers, ATC

Envelope made out of newspaper page, artistamps, rubber stamps

Envelope (back)

Lost in the post on 15th May 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

More Beanie Stamps!!!

I had another go at making Postage Stamps the other week!! I got out a sheet of glass, some water based printing ink, a roller and a wood block. And some paper!
First, I had to roll out the ink and then roll it on the wood block.
Then I stamped it onto the paper! It's a little Rose Bush!!

I remembered to use the pattern tracing wheel in between each row!!

One sheet finished!!!

That was hard work..... so while I was having a breather, we saw Cat outside and squeaked hello!!

I then decided to use my Cat Wood Block to make more stamps!!

We could only get four cats in a row, but had enough space to do a different stamp at the end.

Cats and Flowers!!

We stuck them on the wall to dry, so we wouldn't tread on them by accident!

This time, I decided they would have a Value, like on real postage stamps!

Now I have real Beanie Post stamps!!!

These ones are Five Beans!

I made these ones too, they're really expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I made stop watch stamps for Four Beans!!

Italian mail!!

We got a big envelope all the way from Italy!!!

Oh how exciting!!

Oh!! He sent me lots of add and pass sheets, and he returned to me an artists book that I'd made and sent just to him!!

Oh. I wonder why he sent back the artists book???

(Ed's note: since the stamps on the artists book hadn't been franked by the post office, that went straight back in the mail.)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

An add and pass postcard!

We got a postcard from somewhere in England too. It's a special "add and pass" card!!
It came from here

Someone's already added a sun in the corner!!

That's quite a fancy house, isn't it!?!

Now, let's get the fancy papers and glue stick out....

Now that we've stuck that in place, we need to trim it down a bit....

There! Fancy Trees!!

I can put one of my own Artistsamps on it, too!!!

Now, all I need to decide is who to send it on to..... I wonder...???

Mail from TJ in Germany!!

We also got mail all the way from Germany too! How exciting!

It had a blank postcard and an ATC in it!

And a Special Book For Beanie!! That's me!!
Andrea says that "Vielen Dank" means "Many Thanks" in German.
But why??

OH!! On the back, it said thank you for going to Brixton!
It's from TJ whose painting we went to see with Julie!

In the book, it had pictures of birds!
Oh I love my book!! I wonder what I'll use it for....?

Mail From Eve Noir!!

I got mail from Eve Noir again!!
How exciting!!

What is it?? What is it?!?!

OH!! She traded some more ATCs with me?! How fab is that!! And she put scratch and sniff stickers on her card!! I love those!

And a picture of teapots! I love tea, too!

And here's my new ATCs that Eve made for me!
I love them!!

A Patrick's Day Card!!

I got a green postcard all the way from America!!

It had a Four Leaved Clover on it!! Andrea says they're really lucky!

Look!! Isn't it pretty!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Greeting card 126 LOST

Card made with decorative papers

Envelope made out of flier, faux postage, rubber stamps

Lost in the post on 15th May 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Greeting Card 125 LOST

Card made from decorative papers

Envelope made from page out of Wrestling sticker album from the London Manga expedition last year, faux postage, rubber stamps
Lost in the post on 15th May 2010. Let me know where/when you find it!

Greeting Card 124 LOST

Card made with decorative papers

Origami'd envelope made out of decorative papers, faux postage, rubber stamps.

Envelope (back)

Lost in Arundel on 2nd April 2010. let me know where you find it!

Greeting Card 123 LOST

Card made out of decorative papers

Envelope made out of telephone flier, faux postage, rubber stamps

Lost in the post on 1st May 2010. Let me know where/when it turns up!