Saturday, 30 June 2012

McPig Post!!!!!

Yesterday we got a big package, and it had MY NAME ON IT!!!!
How exciting!

Oh wow!!  Look at that!
What is it??

OH!!  It had doggie stickers and wooden stars and a funky book with bells and mirrors on it!
How exciting!!!

It was from Sullivan!!!

He sent me a card too!!

It's a party piggie!!!
Thanks Sullivan!
(Oh, and keep reading down the mail posts.... there's a couple of Titanic things you might like!)

A Letter from London, England!!

This week we also got a letter from England!

It had lots of postcards in it!

And loads of other stuff too!!!

Paul wrote me a long note too!!!

And even drew me a postcard!!  Love it!

Jerry and Ben's postcard!!!

Oooh!  We got a postcard from Ohio!  Andrea says that's in America!

It's from Jerry and Ben!!

They even frew themselves waving at me!!!

That's a pretty card!

A Letter from Germany!!

This week, we got a letter from Germany with lots of rubber stamps on the front!!

Inside were lots of postcards!!

And an interesting letter on one of them!!

This one has strawberries on it!!

Brazilian Mail!!

We also got a big letter all the way from Brazil!!  It's from Ana Marta and she copied our origami envelope!
How FAB!!  (good job, too!)

She sent me loads of stuff to play with too!!
I love it!!

Canadian letter

We got another letter from Canada!

This one also had a Titanic postage stamp!  Maybe Sullivan would like that as well??
Hope he tells us...!

Oh!  It's a Chinese-y painting!!

And a book to read!  I love reading books!

Italian letter!

We got another letter from Italy too!!

With funny pictures on the back!!  I love those pictures!

He sent us some photos!!!

Belgian Mail!

We got a letter from Belgium!  I've been there!

It had a postage stamp of the Titanic ship on it!  Sullivan likes the Titanic - I wonder if he's like the stamp?

That's a crazy mad envelope too!!!

Inside was a big picture....

And another one on the other side!!

It's from Dodo, and I get to play with it and add stuff to it and then send it back!
Oh how fun...!

Italian mail!

We also got a letter from Italy too!!

That's a bit whacky!!

Postcard from Germany!

We also got a handmade postcard from Germany!!

Oh coo....!

They look like seeds...!

Another American letter!!

We got another letter from America, this time from Florida!

It's another card from Thompson!!!

He sent me lots of stuff to play with too!!

that's the card....!

A letter from Bob's Mum!

We got an Enlish letter with stickers on it!!

Hey, Bob T Bear uses stickers like those....

Oh wow!  What a lovely card!!

It's from Bob's Mum thanking me for the Klimt book!!!

See?!  Isn't it pretty?!!!

Another American letter!!!

Then we got a fabulously decorated envelope, again from America!!

Oh wow!!  All this stuff!!

SERIOUSLY loads of stuff!!  I love it!