Sunday, 16 April 2017


Made with scrap fabric, silk findings, buttons, beads, yarn, broken jewellery, lost key, tonnertex foils and ribbon
Lost in London on 23rd July 2017.  Let me know where/when you find it!!!

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Kate Smith said...

Hi Bennie
I found your art. And I am very excited to own it.

It is hanging next to the "cooking necklace" my daughter made me when she was 3! A very treasured memory as at the time I did not run a cooking school, I taught arts and crafts.

She is now 19, and I'm visiting her in Melbourne, where she is at uni. I now live in Birmingham and was visiting the British Libary.
I have been an artist in residence at several schools and am looking forward to sharing your idea of found art.

It gave me a spring in my step to find your cd238 was not a lost key but a gift! It has bought me much joy to find it and now also every time I look at it.
THANK YOU ! Thepinkcook