Monday, 22 June 2015

This year's Kelli trade from Julie, Dawn K, Dawn A, Paula and Barbara!!

We're in an online art trading group called "Art By You" and every year (for the last four years or so) we do a "Kelli Trade" to remember our friend Kelli who died form Cancer.  She was lovely!!!
This year, the first swap we got was Julie's trade....

She made us a funky little badge!!!

And we got some postcards too!!!

Fanks Julie!!!

The next one was Dawn K's package!!!


OH WOW!!!  She made us a pillow case!!!

And it's got Paris stuff on it too!!!  How brilliant!!!

We put it on our pillow straight away!

It's terrific!

 Then we got Paula's trade in a little package!!!


It's a birdie!!  I love birdies!!

And she made us a Honey Monster badge and a lickle hunny bee too!!!

 The next one we got was Dawn A's trade!!!

Funky paper!

Oh wow!!!  Jazzy paper clips!!!

 The last one we got was Barbara's trade!


 I got a Yoga Mat!!!!!!

 Oh wait, there's more....!

We got coffee, teabag and hot chocolate too!!!!  To have after yoga!!
Thanks everyone!!

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Linda Dunn said...

Looks like a fabulous swap!